Shandong Chenghui Shuangda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and is located in the economic development zone of Pingyuan County, Dezhou City. The total investment is 450 million yuan, covers an area of 178 acres and has a total construction area of 82,600 square meters. The registered capital of the company is 110 million yuan, It was invested and built by Jinan Chenghui Shuangda Chemical Co., Ltd.. which belongs to Shandong Chengchuang Medical Technology Development Co. Ltd..It is an important base for Shandong Chengchuang Medical Technology Development Co. Ltd to implement the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.
Shandong Chenghui Shuangda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is a high-end comprehensive industrial base with raw materials, preparations, food and feed additives as its supplement, meeting international certification and registration standards. The main varieties are five series of local anesthesia drugs, cardiovascular system drugs, nutritional drugs, hormone drugs, and food additives. Some of the varieties are among the world's 2-3 main suppliers. The company has a world-class first-class production line, meets GMP, FDA and other relevant certification requirements, builds six workshops and eight production lines that meet GMP production, and is equipped with R&D and transformation experimental platforms and quality analysis control centers that meet the requirements of CGMP.

We have always been guided by scientific research, market orientation, and the development of pharmaceutical technology as the center. We have opened the industrial chain of research and development, production and sales, and have presented a pattern of integrated development of science, technology and trade.
We adhere to the concept of "putting people first and making the best of people's talents", regard talents as the core competitiveness of enterprises, implement all-round, scientific and systematic training for employees, adopt a scientific talent incentive mechanism, and combine the personal growth of employees with the development of enterprises. Provide space for all kinds of talents to develop and display their talents.
We insist on "everyone innovates and everything is standardized; As a code of conduct, "One World, One Quality" is followed, and projects from planning and design to construction are carried out in strict accordance with GMP drug production standards and environmental, safety and occupational health standards. The three wastes shall be treated in an advanced standard manner, and a sewage double treatment system shall be constructed to ensure that the Environmental Protection production requirements are met under any circumstances.

Shandong Chenghui Shuangda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. will rely on intelligent manufacturing leading, core technology support, cleaner production, green curve overtaking, and strive to grow into a comprehensive pharmaceutical company that meets world standards.
We uphold the principle of "innovation, sincere exchange of global drug companies, strict adherence to green, protect life and health", Sincerely look forward to cooperation with you!

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